Daily Press Briefing
Richard Boucher, Spokesman
Washington, DC
December 3, 2004

QUESTION: When the Secretary goes to Europe next week, is he going to talk about the EU embargo, arm embargo, on China? Is he going to have some new policies?


MR. BOUCHER: I think we’ve been quite upfront on our views on that. We don’t think it’s time to lift arms embargos on China. And I expect the situation, the matter, will come up in our discussions with the Europeans. It has come up fairly regularly in our recent discussions with them.


QUESTION: The Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister, when he was here yesterday, did he talk about that?


MR. BOUCHER: I don’t know.


QUESTION: Well, one last thing. But the EU has said there is a code of conduct. There is a new set of code of conduct for the arm sales that’s made by different countries there. Do you not trust the European countries’ judgment on who to sell weapons to?


MR. BOUCHER: We consult with the Europeans on these various policies. We have an active dialogue with them, and we have stated very clearly our view that we don’t think it’s time to lift the embargo on China, arms sales to China.